NV Niepoort Dry White

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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NV Niepoort Dry White

Post by djewesbury » 14:56 Thu 09 May 2013

We (DJ+RB) have decided to taste as many white ports as we can find locally in the next little while. Obviously white port often has a fairly poor reputation amongst drinkers of VP and it's not surprising; it's not a drink most producers take at all seriously. We tasted some really excellent aged whites at the BFT (first three entries listed below) and found them very different to what are often very insipid drinks. We thought it was time to see whether the non-aged market has improved at all.

Niepoort 10-year-old White
2003 Kopke White Colheita
Kopke 20-year-old White
Quinta de la Rosa Extra Dry White
Cockburn Light Dry White
Niepoort Dry White
1971 Dalva White Colheita

From Mitchell & Sons, Dublin; €18

Highly distinctive. The colour is dark sherry or a light whisk(e)y: a caramel colour. In the nose it has bananas, caramel, almonds, maybe some tropical fruit.. it smells a little like a good light sponge cake. On the mouth, it's very light but it has a twist to it: a burnt sweetness, and a robust acidity, with a good dry finish that's tight on the gums. The finish has light whiskey notes, and some orangey flavours too. This is lovely, quite a mouthful of flavours.
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Re: Niepoort Dry White

Post by AHB » 22:57 Fri 10 May 2013

From RB's point of view, a nice white port such as your view of this one might offer a lot of versatility - a drink on its own, either chilled or on the rocks; mixed with tonic and a twist of mint as a long summer cooler; or as a component in a cocktail.
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