1966 Taylor

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1966 Taylor

Post by AHB » 21:57 Wed 21 May 2014

Bottled by Christopher & Co of 4 Ormond Yard, London, SW1Y 6JY. Stored in the (rather warm) cellar of the Alderley Edge Hotel for many years as part of a small but impressive port collection.

Wonderful brick red colour. AT D+0 this had rather a smelly and offensive nose with teh alcohol very pronounced and even a touch of plastic. Soft and gentle on the palate, attractive texture bringing rich licorice, luscious mature fruit. There is a lovely hint of sourness at the edge of the palate and a touch of birch sawdust but this is mostly flavoured by rich red licorice and concentrated juniper. On this palate this has fabulous complexity and development, moving through phase after phase of changing flavour profile. The alcohol peeps through as a spicy pepperiness on the late palate and aftertaste. The aftertaste is dominated by the junipers, whch lead through to the massive finish. This shows the pedigree of a very, very fine port. At this stage I rate it 93/100.

D +20 minutes. The nose is still rather funky but this has now developed an exquisite palate with the complexity from the first glass still obvious but with the alcohol no longer distracting from the rainbow of flavours. Rather good but will be better after a few moments more in the decanter.

D +80 minutes. The nose has lost its funkiness and is now a more expected complexity of mint and bitter fruit. Still growing in the glass but now quite easy to pick up. Dominated by juniper. The palate has become a little smoother, more complex and is showing some tannins now, which can also be found on the aftertaste. Fabulous port - we should all store our port at 20C (85F) is this is how it turns out. 95/100. Drunk 15-May-14.
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