1970 Fonseca

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1970 Fonseca

Post by PopulusTremula » 08:48 Thu 31 Jul 2014

On Tuesday 29th July 2014 a group of us gathered for an informal evening in The Bung Hole, each having brought a bottle to share blind.

1994 Tesco (double dagger, MPM)
1980 Gould Campbell (RPA)
1970 Fonseca (THRA)
1970 Warre (CPR 1)
1970 Taylor (MPM)
1963 Gould Campbell (AHB)
1958 Martinez (MW)
1983 Barca Velha (MW)

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Re: 1970 Fonseca

Post by AHB » 13:45 Mon 04 Aug 2014

Bottled by Morgan Furze. Modest red, mature and evolved with a pale rim; 40% opaque. Slightly smelly nose, a touch reductive and a little hollow. Mild tobacco on the palate, soft and mature red fruit. A nice palate presence of rounded and mature fruit. Delicious finish of sweet rounded fruit that has a good persistence. An interesting port - interesting in a good way. Served blind this was guessed to be Graham 1960. 90/100. Drunk 29 July 2014. 7 hour decant.
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2017 Ports of the year: Fonseca 1927 and Quinta do Noval 1927

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Re: 1970 Fonseca

Post by flash_uk » 10:17 Tue 05 Aug 2014

40% opacity, red-brown. Open nose, hints of orange, red liquorice, honeycomb, then a waft of acidity. Lovely smooth entry, mild heat mid-palate, long aftertaste and a bit of an alcohol bite in the finish. Oranges.
Guessed to be Cr70.

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