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Roy Hersh
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Julian's Tasting Mats

Post by Roy Hersh » 04:30 Tue 01 Apr 2008

Hi Julian,

I have a major Madeira gig coming up later this week and would very much appreciate it if I could send you my list of 16 ancient bottles that are broken into four flights (4, 4, 5, 3). I can not reveal the bottles here as until arrival, all wines are blind to the guests.

Once they arrive though we've chosen not to do this blind as it is more of a tutored tasting. I just sent an email with the name of the wines and the event. I thank you in advance and please know that your service to Port and Madeira lovers is extraordinary.

Best regards,


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Delayed publication by request of Roy, but this was it.

Post by jdaw1 » 03:03 Sat 19 Apr 2008

Delayed publication by request of Roy, but this was it. Others are welcome to request like.

Andy Velebil
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Post by Andy Velebil » 09:21 Sat 19 Apr 2008

I've used Julian's tastings mats several times now and I have always loved them. I highly recommend contacting him when you need them. They are a god-send when doing tastings. Thanks Julian 88)

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