Sat 12 May 2001, Sussex, Taylor Noval Graham, 1960 to 1985

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Sat 12 May 2001, Sussex, Taylor Noval Graham, 1960 to 1985

Post by jdaw1 » 22:00 Mon 23 Mar 2015

Saturday 12 May 2001, chez mon père, Sussex. JDAW, NFJI, APPW, RAW, SRG, RJM, MJM, RKA, DJR, GMW sampled Taylor 1960, 1970, 1977 single and magnum, 1985; Quinta do Noval 1960, 1970, 1985; Graham 1970 and 1977 (placemats Taylor and Noval & Graham; also see parameters to reproduce placemats).

Taylor and Noval 1960 both slightly tawnied, with Noval being softer and near perfect. Both showing their age: drink soon.

Taylor 1970 very black again, as it was a decade ago. Large, smooth, classic Taylor. The Taylor 1985 also very dark, also large, but too young by far. Taylor 1977 single versus magnum most surprising. The magnum was slightly smoother, slightly browner and slightly softer. Slight sharpness to the single.

The Noval 1970 was sharp in comparison to the Taylor 1970, though after the passage of time (and drink) RJM claimed improvement and celery in the nose! Graham 1970 better than Noval 1970, but worse than Taylor 1970, the differentiation being sharpness. Graham 1977 sour, especially at end — only unfinished decanter. Noval 1985 also too young, not as black or smooth as Taylor 1985, but both very fruity.

Conclusion. By general acclaim Taylor preferred across the years. Surprise that the magnum tasted older than the single. Taylor 1985 will be great; 1960s running out of time.

(And apologies for the delay in transcribing this note.)

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