Sat 13 Apr 2002, Fulham, {D., G., T.} × {’80, ’83, ’85}

What happened?
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Sat 13 Apr 2002, Fulham, {D., G., T.} × {’80, ’83, ’85}

Post by jdaw1 » 22:00 Mon 23 Mar 2015

Saturday 13 April 2002, Fulham. JDAW, RML, RKA, CLA, MJM, EJWW, JFH, to drink {Dow, Graham, Taylor} × {1980, 1983, 1985} (placemats).

Dow 1980 much spicier than the fruity Graham 1980, both of which were better than the Taylor 1980. Taylor 1980 a bit, well, dull.

The 1983s were weak and thin: a poor vintage. Of them the Graham 1983 was the darkest; Taylor 1983 the weakest,

Taylor 1985 and Graham 1985 far too young; Dow 1985 just ready. The Dows all much more similar then the other shippers.

Several people commented that Taylor 1980 had a roughness or irritation in the throat, but I didn’t detect it. A slightly odd note also in the Dow 1983 — perhaps just weaker than the other Dows.

G80 finished first, then D80 T80 D85 D83 G83. Good show by Dow; bad by Taylor.

(And apologies for the delay in transcribing this note.)

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