Sat 22 Nov 2003, Fulham, Warre

What happened?
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Sat 22 Nov 2003, Fulham, Warre

Post by jdaw1 » 00:00 Tue 24 Mar 2015

Saturday 22 November 2003, in Fulham, W55, W63, W66, BBR66, W70, W77 single and magnum, G77, WC88, W00, with JDAW, ODM, MJM, PRM, MF, MRZ, SRG, HEG.

Warre 1963 sweeter and thicker and preferred to the Warre 1955. The 1955 had a sharpness, “alcoholic and too sharp” said ODM; “peppery” said HEG. Definitely spicy, though the softer Warre 1963 was richer. Warre 1966 was sharp and over-the-hill, drier than the BBR 1966, tawnier in colour, and also siltier. BBR the better 1966 by far. Indeed, the Warre 1966 deteriorated during the evening.

Warre 1970 very dark, the sweetest and not yet mature. The favourite of some, and at peak (another 5 years?) will be better still. The Warre 1977 single and magnum identical, and though very fine drinking Port, had no clear-cut distinguishing feature.

Graham 1977 lacked the classic Graham blackcurrant, and a couple of days later ODM said “phenolic”. Warre Cavadinha 1988 poor in this company (but had been very fine in Oxford a few months previously). Clearly the second name. Warre 2000 ridiculously purple, full of ribena fruit, and “almost soft” said somebody. It stained the glass it was so purple. Presumably in 30 years it will be a ’70-style Port.

The Gandys brought cheese (including a very pungent Stinking Bishop that had to be stored outside), Mikhailoff brought kidneys wrapped in bacon, Zuurmond a chocolate tasting, and Mitchelson brought fruit.

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