Sat 31 Jan 2004, Fulham, Noval + Fonseca + Croft

What happened?
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Sat 31 Jan 2004, Fulham, Noval + Fonseca + Croft

Post by jdaw1 » 00:00 Tue 24 Mar 2015

Saturday 31 January 2004, in Fulham, N60, F60, Cr60, Cr63, N63, F66, Cr66, Cr85, N85, N97 LBV, M&S97 LBV, with JDAW, GRPM, RJET, MF, MJS and his wife KES.

The 1960s (Croft, Noval, Fonseca) were similar colour, the Croft the siltiest, Noval sharpest, Croft fruitiest. Fonseca the best of the three, soft and full, though still with a sharp alcoholic foretongue.

Noval 1963 disappointing, being sharp rather than soft, though not quite as biting as the 1960 Noval. Croft 1963 had plenty of fruit, richer than other non-Fonsecas, my second favourite and some people’s top. Croft 1966 finished slightly sour, and though the same note was detectable in the Fonseca 1966, it was pleasant there. Fonseca 1966 described by MF as “chunky”, and RJET claimed to taste soap — I think I also did so once. My winner was Fonseca 1966.

Croft 1985 was pleasant and soft, but far too young. Noval 1985 was horrible! Even at 4am, 12 hours after decanting, nose and flavour overpoweringly foul. But the Noval 1997 LBV was dark dark, “harmless”, and “pretty one dimensional”. M&S 1997 LBV not good, being rough.

So Novals disappointing; Fonseca 1966 favourite.

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Re: Sat 31 Jan 2004, Fulham, Noval + Fonseca + Croft

Post by AHB » 14:51 Tue 24 Mar 2015

Another tasting when F66 ends up being wine of the night.

I wonder whether F66 has been wine of the night more often than not when making an appearance at one of our tastings. Thinking about that makes me want to open one...
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Re: Sat 31 Jan 2004, Fulham, Noval + Fonseca + Croft

Post by flash_uk » 20:15 Tue 24 Mar 2015

12 bottles between 6. Nice work. 88)

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