The Reference forum: rules and requests

Data, quotations, and other non-conversational posts containing reference materials.
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The Reference forum: rules and requests

Post by jdaw1 » 13:00 Tue 14 Oct 2008

Unlike the rest of :tpf:, the Reference forum is not to hold conversations. Instead the Reference forum is to hold very formal posts containing data or text to which one might wish to refer. Examples of such include long quotations about port from other sources (though of course heeding © laws), databases (of course reformatted for BB code), and other reference materials.

Members of :tpf: may well wish to discuss such threads. Hence, please, each thread in the Reference forum should link to another thread, probably in the Port Conversations forum, that can contain corrections and comments. Such a thread might even be titled something like “Name of thread in the Reference forum: Corrections and Comments†.

Posts of a conversational tone, and those otherwise inappropriate for the Reference forum, will be moved to somewhere more fitting.

Comments on this post, and on the Reference forum, belong in The Reference forum: comments and suggestions.