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1917 Sandeman

Posted: 11:51 Mon 28 Dec 2015
by Alex Bridgeman
Burnt orange ochre colour with a wide watery rim; 40% opaque at the centre. A peculiar nose of cured meat and a hint of plastic, but you have to work hard to get anything from the nose. Sweet entry, the sweetness balanced by the acidity but there is a hollowness and lack of fruit on the palate at first. Patience allows butterscotch and brown sugar with Granny Smith fresh acidity providing a counter to the sweetness. Sweet brown apple juice dominates the aftertaste and leads to a lingering finish of brown sugar of good length. Very tertiary in characteristic with the fruit having faded away some years ago. 85/100.

Drunk at the 2015 TPF Offline on 17 December 2015