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???? Unknown

Posted: 09:48 Tue 29 Dec 2015
by Alex Bridgeman
Unknown Shipper, Unknown Vintage
From the bottle this was estimated to be bottled in 1840-1870. The bottle was made as a rolled cylinder with a deep punt and a 2 part mould for the neck and shoulders. The surface was uneven and there were frequent occlusions in the glass. From the flavour profile this was presumed to be vintage port.

Ullaged to mid-shoulder. Dark orange-amber in colour, 30% opaque. Smelly nose initially full of toffee and cooked cabbage, but the cabbage faded with time in the glass. Sweetened oranges, a mix of sweet citrus sugars with strong bitter acidity, marmalade and quince dominate the palate. There is an attractive thickness to the palate texture, with big acidity and an unexpected toast flavour. Powerful marmalade dominates the finish. Very long, powerful and intensely sweet. 87/100.

Drunk at the 2015 TPF Offline on 17 December 2015