TPF pre-NYE party 29th December 2020

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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Re: TPF pre-NYE party 29th December 2020

Post by WS1 » 13:47 Tue 29 Dec 2020

jdaw1 wrote:
00:30 Sun 27 Dec 2020
AHB wrote:
19:29 Sat 26 Dec 2020
We all brought Cockburn 1955. It did make for a splendid dinner.
A very boring offline”, as reported.
I disagree! It was not a boring offline! Wine and port were nice! The accustomed reader of this forum may have expected more variety in different shippers however in the old days port bottled by different shippers tasted different. On top given ageing in different environments added to the differences. So still interesting!
Will check with Rob if he still has another bt of Ck55 from Newcastle breweries and Alex if he has another half bt Ck from the same stash left to redo this boring tasting.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Re: TPF pre-NYE party 29th December 2020

Post by Glenn E. » 19:34 Tue 29 Dec 2020

I will unfortunately be late, as I need to time a Costco run to coincide with my wife's availability (she has to work this week) and that's now. We'll probably be done in an hour or so, so I'm hoping to be able to join everyone no more than 90 minutes late.
Glenn Elliott

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Re: TPF pre-NYE party 29th December 2020

Post by Axel P » 19:00 Thu 31 Dec 2020

WS1 wrote:
13:37 Tue 29 Dec 2020
Anyway happy to be back in England for tonight's tasting as my German WLAN would have not been able to cope as still the old telephone line from ~80 years ago
but this is because your house is 80 years old and you have spent all your money on Port :-)

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Re: TPF pre-NYE party 29th December 2020

Post by winesecretary » 20:13 Thu 31 Dec 2020

It was lovely to see everyone again. Roll on 2021 and the re-emergence of the concept of a tasting in meatspace.

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