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TCP, SushiNorth, Wed 16 Nov 2011

Posted: 00:49 Thu 17 Nov 2011
by jdaw1
SushiNorth, Mrs SushiNorth, and jdaw1 met for port at TCP on Wed 16 Nov 2011, partly so that SushiNorth could see the famous TCP.


Re: TCP, SushiNorth, Wed 16 Nov 2011

Posted: 01:03 Thu 17 Nov 2011
by jdaw1
A very pleasant evening with two bottles, and as ever the TCP’s excellent food and service. Plus the Scribners, for the non-drinking Mrs S was also present, had the pleasure of seeing the rabbit warren that is TCP.

Re: TCP, SushiNorth, Wed 16 Nov 2011

Posted: 12:50 Tue 22 Nov 2011
by SushiNorth
A great evening. I finally got a chance to see The Crusting Pipe of TPF legend, along with far too many empties you guys left behind! The warren-like atmosphere was also a lot of fun. We took over a prime spot up front and ate through quite a bit of their menu -- especially their cheeses which we had 5 of. The Stinking Bishop did not live up to its name, sadly, but all were quite enjoyable (and nearly carried back from Neal's Dairy @ Bourough Market where I found them again).

The two ports were quite interesting. The QH77 because we would have it again the next evening. It was a lovely port, old for its years, with vanilla and toffee all over the place by the time it emerged a few hours after decant. The Churchill 85 was equally interesting because I have most of a case left and didn't know what the fuss was all about -- it showed well, but i dare say about the same as the ones I have here. It started to come around later (+3 or so) which was to be expected -- I think it shines at +6-7. I'll include all this in my TN's (which I am finally catching up on, but am also finally documenting in a spreadsheet).

It was wonderful seeing Julian again, and it's been a long time since I've had that much Port. The format of the evening being a drinking (let's just drink two bottles) was in some ways nicer than an intensive tasting (we must discern the difference between 15 bottles of port, and take copious notes long after our palates have been burnt to a crisp).