Thursday 18th January 2018?

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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Thursday 18th January 2018?

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I'll be in London for the day on Thursday 18th January and would be happy to stay on for the evening if anyone else would like to meet up.

If we do, it could be an opportunity to visit Bar Douro, Max Graham's Portuguese petiscos themed restaurant in Flat Iron Square. Max has offered to do us a deal over the private area if he's not busy.

Or is it too soon after meeting up on January 2nd?

When: Thursday 18th January 2018 at 18.30
Where: Bar Douro, Flat Iron Square but the space only accommodates 10-12
Theme: "A 1982 Port if You Have One and Nobody Else is Bringing it. Otherwise a Port not From 1982." Note that this deliberately brings LBV and colheitas within scope. 1982 has been chosen since Irayna is joining us and she is a 1982 baby.