Eights, Tue 05 June 2018, B&F

What happened?
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Eights, Tue 05 June 2018, B&F

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An ‘Eights’ tasting, to be the second or fourth digit of the vintage, arranged by Tony, who provided many of the bottles including an 1867. And Alex provided Graham 1897.

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Re: Eights, Tue 05 June 2018, B&F

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A very enjoyable evening. A very big thank you Tony for organising and providing so many splendid wines for adoption, and thanks to the Boot and Flogger team for looking after us.

The T48 was outstanding, with the F48 not far behind. The Mz58 very good and considerably better than I expected, a house in its prime. The RO58 was surprisingly good, helped perhaps by it being an ROC60 ringer. Honourable mention to the G1897, indeed I gave it a point. In great condition, and still very enjoyable to drink. HM also to the ?1867. Very interesting indeed to taste, although well past its best, and my sons very much enjoyed some of the sample that I took home!
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