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1970 Warre

Posted: 12:14 Mon 13 Jun 2016
by jdaw1
At Bonham’s on 18 February 2016 was sold most of a pipe of Fonseca 1963, not moved since original purchase (lots 324 to 343).

So, on Wednesday 15th June 2016, we gathered in the Boot & Flogger to compare six of these, which were joined by a selection of other English-bottled Vintage Ports.


Re: 1970 Warre

Posted: 17:23 Mon 20 Jun 2016
by flash_uk
50% opacity. Dry, syrupy. Didn't write much about this one. It didn't have the usual characteristics of a W70 - a little muted all round.

Re: 1970 Warre

Posted: 21:06 Sat 02 Jul 2016
by Alex Bridgeman
Army & Navy bottling. Rich red in colour, 60% opaque. Little on the nose, even after 90 minutes. Fresh fruit on entry, soft strawberry which morphs into intense raspberry jelly; the tannins are almost hidden and the raspberry domintes the palate. Cornflowers and raspberries dominate the big finish. 89/100. 15-Jun-16. Decanted 8 hours.