1967 Quinta do Noval Nacional

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Re: 1967 Noval Nacional

Post by jdaw1 »

NN67, kindly donated by Tony. Dark red, 60% opaque. Faint nose. Palate of mid weight, with heat, and some Taylor grit, but very long. Tasted blind I would have thought this good but not great. Later I noted a slightly cooked note, and the candy flavours typical of this vintage.
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Re: 1967 Noval Nacional

Post by Caparica »

NN67, Thank you again Tony for the kind donation !
Eye: deep ruby red (the darkest of all wines), a bit cloudy, glycerine
Nose: Quiet powerfull and complex nose, dark fruits and alcohol, still evolving
Mouth: medium/full body, fresh acidity, medium/high dry tannins, great structure and complexity , flavorful with dark fruits, medium long finish
Score: 93+, in my opinion it have still some years ahead until it reaches its peak
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Re: 1967 Noval Nacional

Post by flash_uk »

50% opacity, dark red. Nose of leather, raisins. Tannic, earthy, raisins. Some freshness and acidity in the finish with mild citrus notes.
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Re: 1967 Noval Nacional

Post by Axel P »

Pity as this can be such a great Port....
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Re: 1967 Noval Nacional

Post by Alex Bridgeman »

Deep brick red, 60% opaque. A wonderful nose of mature fruit, sweet and full of spice. Smooth and silky in texture on entry, this arrives at a languid pace but has a wonderful concentration of ripe and lively rose hip fruit. Lots of acidity keeps the port in focus. A lively rose hip aftertaste leads to a sticky bitter sloe finish, which becomes clean and chocolatey at the end. Sadly, for me this wine deteriorated in the glass over the course of the evening. 89/100. Decanted 5½ hours.
Top Ports in 2022: Quinta do Noval Nacional 1931. I have never drunk such a wonderful bottle of Port. I cried with joy.

2023: Fonseca 1966. There are not many better Ports, except a good bottle of Fonseca 1927. Wow!
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