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NV Churchill Club White

Posted: 00:54 Sat 15 Jan 2022
by Alex Bridgeman
A special blend made for the Port Club members. A slightly sweeter version of the Churchill White blend. Golden apricot in colour10% opaque. Looking not unlike a youthful Sauterne. Red pear and a bit of pineapple on the nose, not overly attractive Nicely balanced palate, honey and nectar on the tongue, ripe papaya mid-palate. Nicely balanced with the acidity to stop the wine from becoming cloying but with the clover honey dominating. Papaya and some white peppercorn on the aftertaste. Good long finish which fills the mouth and flirts with cinder toffee. Great persistence. Just lacking a little acidity to be ideal for my tastes, but a good blend. 87/100. 01-Oct-21.