1987 Graham Malvedos

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1987 Graham Malvedos

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Links: GM87. Dark dark red, 80% opaque. Nose opening, showing maraschino cherries, and maybe red berries. Palate medium-light, also some aniseed, indeterminate red fruit, somewhat hollow, dry and gripping, especially from the mid- to late-palate, and, in its dry way, very long. I much prefer the older sister.
Glenn E.
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Re: 1987 Graham Malvedos

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On the few occasions that I have had GM86 and GM87 (though unfortunately never together), I have generally preferred the '87. That might be tainted by the fact that 1987 is our anniversary year, but I don't think I'm entirely biased. They are both lovely Ports, but for me the '86 seems to be fully mature and at its peak while the '87 still needs time to get there.
Glenn Elliott
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Re: 1987 Graham Malvedos

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Decanted 1 day
Decanted 1 day
6C450B4C-5D99-47A1-9364-3FAD07251754.jpeg (28.07 KiB) Viewed 1132 times

1987 Graham Malvedos, decanted 1 day. Far more restrained on the nose than the 1986 but refined and cerebral - certainly making you think about the wine. Fabulous balance, refined and elegant, with delicious dark blackcurrant fruit and black cocoa tannins. Multiple layers of flavour on the aftertaste and a long black cherry finish. A fabulous Port, demanding proper contemplation. Fantastic. 94/100.

I preferred this to the ripe and lush (and totally unsubtle) 1986. JDAW preferred the big and fruity 1986.
As JDAW wrote: GM87. Alex loves this. Oh. It's nice Port. Long, smooth, caramel, losing its fruit — slight remnants of dark forest berries — and as good as it will be. The absence of youth, the near absence of fruit, the all-caramel-tertiary past-primeness: so junior to the ’86.
Top Ports in 2023: Taylor 1896 Colheita, b. 2021. A perfect Port.

2024: Niepoort 1900 Colheita, b.1971. A near perfect Port.
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