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1970 Quinta do Noval vintage port

Posted: 11:36 Tue 23 Sep 2008
by Alex Bridgeman
A Wine Society bottling, opened because of poor ullage (mid-shoulder) and seepage. Once removed, it was clear that the cork had been attacked by weevil and this was the source of the leakage. Plenty of very sludgy sediment in the bottle, decanted cleanly through a coffee filter paper, yielding a remarkable nose of rhubarb while decanting.

Clear and glowing, a lovely shade of red mahogany, appearing to be fully mature. On the nose were sweet redcurrants and a bite of acidic rhubarb. The rhubarb continued in the mouth, giving an acidic structure to the mix of redcurrants and dried dates. Sweet, mature and showing a pleasant mix of mature red fruit and secondary dried raisins and dates. The tannins are now fully resolved and the wine is probably fading slowly. The aftertaste is pleasant and enjoyable.

Overall, this is a subtle and mature port, ready for drinking. Don't expect a blockbuster or a port which will grab you and wow you, but do expect a port that you can sip, savour and enjoy while getting on with other things. 86/100. Tasting note taken after 8 hours in the decanter on 19 September 2008.