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1980 Quarles Harris

Posted: 22:08 Sun 15 Nov 2009
by benread
This is from a half bottle, decanted at 4pm and first tasted 4 hours later. It had a very heavy flakey sediment, but decanted cleanly. It is really quite dark red - too dark to see through other than a marginal translucence at the edges. On the nose it is slightly spirity, but mostly fruity. The taste is plesant but not long. Perhaps licquirice? Some tannins but not massive.

The only other QH I recall is the BOB 1994 Tesco and this has some similarity, but without the rawness of that. Perhaps another 14 years has helped!

This is very pleasant and has given me a new perspective on QH after the Tesco.

Thank you Axel!