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NV Delaforce Tawny 20YO (bottled 2007)

Posted: 23:56 Sun 02 Sep 2007
by Andy Velebil
Bottled 2007

This was consumed over about a week.

Day 1:
A new more traditional bottle shape is now used for this one, in place of the old short fat bottle. No real TN as I just opened this but a lighter color than most 20 yrs. hazlenut, vanilla, and carmel nose. A bit thin and simple on the palate right now with tannins still noticable and a good dose of unintegrated Aguardentes. Actually, I can taste the aguardentes itself...boy that brought back some memories of trying it raw for the first time at Vargellas...and not good memories mind you. not very good at this stage

After a few days this really has come a long way. Much more integrated now, although still not totally balanced. The tannins have mellowed leaving some simple carmel and vanilla flavors with a simple medium finish. Although very drinkable now, it is not on par with many other 20 years out there, even though this typically sells for far less than others. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for. 83 points