The Doty Cup - 2014

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Chris Doty
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The Doty Cup - 2014

Post by Chris Doty »

It was a great pleasure to host the second annual Doty Cup at The Square on March 21st, 2014.

First, kudos to RAYC for exceptional co-hosting, scoring, and very generously supplying our Port flight, as well as some excellent bottles for the host (please see the 1963 Avery thread for details).

Second, the Square....I mean, absolutely first rate. Tops. Exceptional. Start to finish, top to bottom and all sides. Excellent venue, service, food, flexibility, everything. In my ideal world, the Doty Cup is held nowhere else.

Your 2014 Doty Cup Champion, narrowly defeating Tokyo Tim, is Crown Princess Iram Ahmed! Iram exemplifies all qualities essential in a D.C champion - enjoyable to be around, enthusiastic but discerning palate, great communication/presentation skills, appropriately feisty/free spirited, etc. I look forward to working with Iram on the 2015 event, *CONFIRMED* for April 3rd, 2015.

1988 Chave Hermitage Blanc

Ravioli of Morels with Savoury Onions and Truffle
1990 Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Roussanne Vieilles Vignes
1990 Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge

Pressed Shoulder of Veal with Garlic Leaf Pesto and Barley
1993 Domaine Alain Michelot NSG 1er Les Vaucrains
1993 Domaine Georges Chicotot NSG 1er Les Vaucrains

Roast Bresse Pigeon with a Sarladaise Potato, Root Vegetable Chutney, Watermelon Radish and Foie Gras
1985 Andre Mussy Beaune 1er Epenottes
1985 Andre Mussy Beaune 1er Marconnets

Loin of Smoked Venison with Chargrilled Pear, Beetroot and Celeriac
1993 Marquis D’Angerville 1er Clos des Ducs
1993 Marquis D’Angerville 1er Champans
1985 Tertre Roteboeuf
1989 Chapoutier Monnier Sizeranne

Milk Chocolate Bar with Salted Peanuts, Praline and Banana
1970 Fonseca
1966 Fonseca

The clear WOTN was the 1990 Beaucastel Rouge, which was just showing marvelously. A clear but distant second was the 1985 Tertre Roteboeuf, and then third could have gone to any of a number of wines, including both fonsecas, both D'Angervilles, the Beaucastel VV (which did in fact take third) or the Sizeranne. The Mussy wines were great, but all finesse at this stage and I think got a bit lost in the competition. The only wines I didn't think showed especially well were the 1993 Vaucrains, which were both very youthful, but somewhat....almost a mix of austere and slightly frizante, if that makes sense. All wines except the ports were carted in my luggage, and dropped off at the Square only that morning, so if you want to attribute anything to 'bottle shock,' knock yourself out.

As for the presentations, I awarded first place to my sister (aided by the use of visuals), who presented on the Reconquista in light of recent affairs in the Crimea.

Richard's talk on generosity of spirit was certainly in keeping with the posturing of the Doty Cup, which was not lost on the judges.

Iram's presentation on the upcoming Indian elections was spirited and fascinating. Her husband's talk of Pakistani politics (yes, their relationship straddles the divide) was a great counter.

Tim presented on Cherry Blossoms, which are currently in season throughout london. Had he been able to answer RAYC's innocent question about the origin of the cultural significance of the blossoms, it likely would have been him taking home the hardware.

Muggins was useless as a taster, but his talk about our Wi-Fi experience certainly brought back fond memories of my time in London.

So, another exceptional evening in my book. RAYC - please feel free to add your thoughts, as well as any WOTN scoring that may have survived.

I am going to think of a new reservations strategy for the 2015 event.

Watch this space.

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Re: The Doty Cup - 2014

Post by jdaw1 »

Fantastic. My absence regretted by me.

Would you like me to create lots of TN threads? If I did, would you post TNs in them?

Some links:
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Chris Doty
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Re: The Doty Cup - 2014

Post by Chris Doty »

Thanks Jdaw! Your placemats were much appreciated, but difficult to put into use due to the configuration of the table and general presentation of the courses. We should discuss format for next year's event.

As for tasting threads, my notes at Cup events tend to be sparse, but if you created threads, I and RAYC would certainly populate them. I will also try to get all attendees to join TPF so possibly they'll ultimately chime in as well.

Sorry to have missed you - hopefully April 3rd can be secured!

woo woo
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Alex Bridgeman
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Re: The Doty Cup - 2014

Post by Alex Bridgeman »

April 3rd?
Top Ports in 2022: Quinta do Noval Nacional 1931. I have never drunk such a wonderful bottle of Port. I cried with joy.

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Re: The Doty Cup - 2014

Post by djewesbury »

AHB wrote:April 3rd?
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