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1934 Warre

Posted: 20:55 Sun 16 Nov 2014
by Alex Bridgeman
Bottled by Whitwhams. Pale red, 30% opaque with a mature appearance. Slight varnish on the nose which initially obscured some nice rose perfume and mandarin orange. Gentle tobacco on the palate, then a nice and powerful orange like Crepe Suzette - concentrated and intense - but with an underlying layer of dirtiness or soapiness. Hot aftertaste with lots of spirit that fades to a finish of burnt toast and soap. This improved in the glass so a couple of hours later it was thicker in texture and with coffee replacing the soapiness. An hour later it was lighter, more fruity but still with a touch of dirtiness to it. 85/100. Drunk 22-Sep-14. Decanted 1 hour.

Re: 1934 Warre

Posted: 11:33 Sun 28 Jul 2019
by jdaw1
W34, at Quinta do Vesuvio. Red, 40% opaque. Nose varnishy. Palate had varnish both early and late; mid-palate was, fleetingly, strawberry. During the evening the varnish grew.