1983 Dow

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1983 Dow

Post by AHB » 14:12 Thu 23 Jul 2009

The frst bottle opened from a case acquired from Straker Chadwick. Quite light in colour and looking more evolved than expected; plenty of colour left, but very clear in the centre. Am incredibly spicy nose which generated a lot of conversation as to whether this was enjoyable or not (I thought it was); completely dominated by ginger over a lovely sweet redcurrant. In the mouth the texture is quite thi, but full of flavour. Surprisingly little sweetness, but plenty of complexity with many layers and subtleties. The mango chutney flavours perseveres throughout the palate. Big flavour to start the aftertaste, just full of ginger, spice and life. Delicious - but very different from what I expected. 90/100. Dunk on 21 July 2009 after 19 hours decanting.
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Re: 1983 Dow

Post by DRT » 09:50 Sun 26 Jul 2009

Light and fully transparent red. Spicy pepper on the nose. Smooth entry of red fruits and very dry in the mid-palate. A warming, long mouthwatering finish. Very nice but, like AHB, not what I expected from a D83.

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Re: 1983 Dow

Post by uncle tom » 20:21 Sun 26 Jul 2009

It was certainly different, and very pleasant at first encounter, although it seemed to go a little south by the end of the evening.

I do wonder if the mango chutney element was supposed to be there - my hunch is that this bottle had a hint of the 'T45's' - enough to make an interesting difference, but without ruining the bottle.

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Re: 1983 Dow

Post by WS1 » 23:51 Tue 28 Jul 2009

Hi there,

I am afraid that I did as longer the evening lasted had a problem with the Ginger taste. In the begining I found the very spicy appearance of this bt quite nice but was overwhelmed by the power and its dominance later. Still not a bad Port despite i still feel there was a n issue with VA on this bt.


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Re: 1983 Dow

Post by Deleted_User_1 » 21:26 Sat 17 Apr 2010

We are at D+2 and Mrs Cookie and I are some way through this delightful wine. This is a bottle from the year of our marriage and absolutely captures the way it still is...fruity with an element of spice.88) It has a bit of heat that compliments the smooth fruit filled finish. Mrs Cookie's verdict is...very palatable...I agree this is clearly one that has improved since 2009.

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Re: 1983 Dow

Post by benread » 17:29 Sun 18 Apr 2010

Cookie wrote:I agree this is clearly one that has improved since 2009.
The wine or Mrs Cookie?!
Vintage 1970!

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