1985 Ramos Pinto

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1985 Ramos Pinto

Post by AHB » 14:12 Thu 23 Jul 2009

Deep red, very rich colour with a centre just off opaque. Closed on the nose, showing rather a lot of heat. Very smooth texture, really caressing, and a lovely entry. Very sweet fruit with delightful balance but lacking a bit of weight to be a great wine. Warm strawberry syrup on the aftertaste, very soft and enjoyable. Lingers a while, but is gentle rather than big. Beautifully balanced and refined, will become very elegant, but this is not a big port. 88/100. Drunk 21 July 2009.
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Re: 1985 Ramos Pinto

Post by DRT » 09:46 Sun 26 Jul 2009

Fresh, fruity nose. Dark colour. Lovely thick texture with chocolate, cherry and licorice and still has lots of tannin. Long mouthwatering finish. Excellent wine.

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Re: 1985 Ramos Pinto

Post by Axel P » 10:03 Sun 26 Jul 2009

Good to hear, I just bought some at auction.


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Re: 1985 Ramos Pinto

Post by uncle tom » 20:12 Sun 26 Jul 2009

A very approachable wine, close to full maturity and very drinkable. Not overly deep or complex, but worth buying if the price is right.

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Re: 1985 Ramos Pinto

Post by WS1 » 23:41 Tue 28 Jul 2009

Hi there,

for me this was the wine of the night. Not a blockbuster wine but very fine and balanced indeed. The SWC not far behind but just not as balanced as the Ramos Pinto. Also do agree with Tom that the wine is probably now at its best (most approachable)


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