1970 Niepoort

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Axel P
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1970 Niepoort Vintage Port

Post by Axel P » 14:25 Mon 30 Nov 2009

Tasted within the Niepoort Range on Nov 27th with Dirk Niepoort out of a bulky bottle.

Very youthful colour and immense concentration. Bouquet intense, complex with still some fruit present. Perfectly structured and integrated palate with honey, some background fruit and lots of caramel flavours.

Perfect aftertaste, extremely long and fully integrated again.



Background: The 1970 Niepoort always tastes better out of the bulky bottle rather than the normal one. This Port has been stored several months in small casks rather than in the big vats. Dirk is trying the same again with his Pisca

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Re: 1970 Niepoort Vintage Port

Post by DrDirk » 17:28 Sat 12 Dec 2009

nose: nice matured nose, perfect

taste: strong body with a lot of perfect matured notes on the palatte. Very good aftertaste.

For most people it was the port of the evening, for me it came second after 87.
Blue Stilton and Port - what else!

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Re: 1970 Niepoort Vintage Port

Post by VJR » 11:54 Mon 14 Dec 2009

Ruby reflections, slightly orange at the rim. Sweet and rich, plenty of viscosity and freshness. Plummy and fairly full-bodied, strawberries point towards full maturity. I think this has been putting on weight in the past decade. Neither the power nor the length of a 1970 Grahams, Taylors or Fonseca. But everything is integrated, very harmonious and fully stable with aeration. Clearly the WOTN. One to either drink or keep for a decade. As Axel P points out, this was from the dumpy bottle (which is generally better than the regular '70 bottling).
Cheers, victor

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