2007 Martinez

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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2007 Martinez Vintage Port

Post by Glenn E. » 00:13 Sat 06 Feb 2010

Tasted 2/1/2010 through 2/4/2010 in a flight of 3.

2007 Graham Vintage Port
2007 Vesuvio Vintage Port
2007 Martinez Vintage Port

Opened for contrast:
1986 Smith Woodhouse Colheita

2007 Martinez Vintage Port

Day 1

Color: Dark purple (surprise!) with a deep ruby rim.
Nose: Something chemical... like treated paper. Seems to be my glass, though, as Roy's smells fine. Raw fruits - bright and vibrant. Somehow still seems a bit closed, though, as none of the smells are particularly strong. Some dust and light alcohol. Rough milk chocolate. Black tea leaves.
Palate: Sweet entry and light fruits. Faint cocoa powder. Strong tannins, good or slightly lower acidity. Medium body weight.
Finish: forgot to take note

Initial score: 93

Day 2 - skipped, Roy wasn't able to drop by

Day 3

Color: Still dark purple and deep ruby. In other words, still looks like a very young VP.
Nose: Dust, blackberry/black raspberry, minerals/bare metal (NOT a metallic note), some alcohol.
Palate: Rich and full bodied. Strong tannins and good acidity. There's a nice, mild tartness to the fruit. Somewhat shockingly, the wine of the night for Day 3.
Finish: Big tannins, tart fruit, and a very long tail. The fruit recedes relatively quickly, but the tannins and warmth linger for quite a long time.

Score for the day: 94

Day 4:

Color: no change
Nose: Black fruit, some dust, and a faint peppery note relative to the other two Ports. Grape Bubblicious gum. The nose might be starting to close down a bit, but is still strong for now.
Palate: Full bodied, tart, and neutral sweet/dry. The tartness probably comes at least partially from the acidity and very good tannins. There's a rough chocolate sensation in the late palate, and a weird peppermint note just after you swallow.
Finish: Tannins and rich, semi-sweet fruit. Spicy - pepper? - that gives it a warmth that isn't alcohol derived. Good length.

Score for the day: 94

Overall score: 94 points. I have to wonder whether or not this flight not being blind hindered the Martinez. If I'd had no idea what any of them were, would it have come out on top? A very impressive showing. I felt this had the strongest tannins of the flight, and I think it's going to live for decades. The Symingtons have done a great job with Martinez for 2007!
Glenn Elliott

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