1960 Sandeman

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1960 Sandeman Vintage Port

Post by g-man » 17:13 Fri 19 Feb 2010

T + 0,

I recorked it back because i think it's almost ready.

Nose of lavendar and rose water with a sweet cinnamon nutmeg that peaks through.

Rich, thick filled with honeyed cranberries, candied cherries with an integrated spirit backbone. Finishes with a lasting 60 second cherry licorice liquor.

Warms the bones and puts a smile on this taster.
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Re: 1960 Sandeman Vintage Port

Post by TBird » 20:07 Sat 20 Feb 2010

this was my rock star of the night. :nirvana: :nirvana: :nirvana:
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Re: 1960 Sandeman Vintage Port

Post by Glenn E. » 00:25 Thu 25 Feb 2010

Color: Deep garnet with a ruby edge. 3rd darkest out of 5.
Nose: Ripe strawberries, some dust, and sharp but faint alcohol. Also a faint soapy note. Smells tannic, if that makes sense.
Palate: Dry and tart. Lacking tannins, but decent acidity. Tart, almost green, raspberry is the only fruit I can find. Light body. Nice warmth, but with a hot style to the warmth. Did I mention dry?

My #4 (of 5) on the night, which ran counter to the rest of the table. I found it too dry and too tart for my taste. The heat was interesting, because it wasn't intense but it had an edge to it that made it feel hot in an unobtrusive way.

Difficult to rate in the absence of comparison points, but I suspect it would be in the 85+ range for me. I'll give it 85 to be conservative... I just get the feeling that in the presence of a better Port from another producer that this would seem much weaker.
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Re: 1960 Sandeman Vintage Port

Post by SushiNorth » 18:58 Fri 02 Apr 2010

Sandeman 1960, Sandeman 1963, Sandeman 1966, Sandeman 1970, Sandeman 1977, Croft 2000, Planning, Review, Placemats

Shows a touch of brown around the light garnet edge. The nose carries some eucalyptus, and in the mouth it a nice cherry, a little dry (per glenn), very well balanced and a hint of smoke. The tail goes on and on and on, but it's hot in back.
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