2003 Warre, Dow and Graham

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2003 Warre, Dow & Graham

Post by RonnieRoots » 09:25 Fri 22 Jun 2007

Tasted March 2007:
These ports were tasted at ProWein and I only made short notes.

Warre's 2003 VP
Very nice elegant style, but no lightweight for sure. I liked this a lot, and would give it maybe two or three points more than the 89WS rating.

Dow's 2003 VP
Notably sweeter than other Dow's VP's, but still a hardliner. Very obvious tannin structure, firm and showing good promise for the future.

Graham's 2003 VP
I'm not the biggest fan of Graham's, but I liked this a lot. It's like a fine 'bonbon'. Good concentration, and a lovely flavour profile. Already very enjoyable, but will age nicely for sure.

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