1982 Quinta da Eira Velha

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1982 Eira Velha

Post by jdaw1 » 17:11 Sun 20 Jun 2010

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Chris Doty
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Re: 1982 Eira Velha

Post by Chris Doty » 14:37 Tue 22 Jun 2010

Really good fireside port. Spicy, vibrant, long in the mouth. Something slightly like Chorizo going on here. A bit light, and a bit wanting of fruit, but giving pleasure and quite easy to consume.

88 points (WOTN)

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uncle tom
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Re: 1982 Eira Velha

Post by uncle tom » 18:11 Tue 22 Jun 2010

A very respectable port that ran Noval and Niepoort a close race for WOTN.

Good colour, good structure, elegant.

It was also the only wine from this vintage that really felt immature still - another ten years will do no harm.

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Re: 1982 Eira Velha

Post by WS1 » 20:38 Tue 22 Jun 2010

My WOTN, really very good indeed and the only wine that still was a bit closed. Still very nice colour (darkish red), good length and vibrance. The palate is nice but not too full. Overall very nice indeed!


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Re: 1982 Eira Velha

Post by JacobH » 17:08 Wed 23 Jun 2010

I found the nose a touch off and unpleasant. In the mouth, immediately struck by the sweetness but this was followed by a long an slightly astringent finish which wasn't so appealing.
CHR wrote:Slight marzipan aromas. Not much depth.

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Re: 1982 Eira Velha

Post by AHB » 08:54 Sun 27 Jun 2010

Bottled by Martinez, deep in colour with promise of an ability to age further. Little showing on the nose. Sweet mulberries on the palate; a lovely palate presence with very soft tannin showing through to give a dlightful structure and balance. Sweet fruit dominates the aftertaste, before a long finish of dark chocolate and sour cranberries. Really impressive port. Very enjoyable. 91/100.
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