1975 Fonseca

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Taylor Quinta de Vargellas 1987
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Re: 1975 Fonseca

Post by KillerB » 16:58 Sun 11 Jul 2010

Caramel nose, little to no fruit, too acidic with a fair bit, but not over-powering VA. Not really very good.
Port is basically a red drink

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Axel P
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Re: 1975 Fonseca

Post by Axel P » 15:56 Tue 13 Jul 2010

Wine was send by mail from WS1, thanks for this again.

Light, orange-red color with strong hints of age. Fragile in structure. Nose showed off very nicely with all the good stuff a matured VP should have: mainly toffee and caramel notes. The palate was rather disapointing: alcohol and the resulting sharpness from it. Nice bouquet though. A port solely to smell on.


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Re: 1975 Fonseca

Post by RonnieRoots » 15:15 Tue 17 Aug 2010

First flight, served alongside the 1984 Guimaraens.

Very pale, brownish colour. A soft and pleasant nose with some sweet caramelized sugar and faint raspberry. Very sharp to taste. All fruit gone, leaving all tawny / sherry-like flavours. Thin, sharp, and a bitter finish. Did I mention sharp already? Pretty nasty. 80 points.

While the port may not have been very good (although the nose was actually quite pretty) I enjoyed tasting it. It was one of the ports from my birth year that I hadn't tried yet.

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