2009 Taylor

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Re: 2009 Taylor

Post by AHB » 08:21 Tue 10 May 2011

A blend of ports from Vargellas and Terra Feita with some wines from Junco. Magenta coloured. An amazing nose, full of blueberries and lavender. Very smooth in texture, medium bodied even at this stage of life. Surprisingly refined for Taylor - less power and more finesse than I would have expected. Beautiful floral tones, a fantastic balance, intense levels of perfect fruit and tannins which are ripe and rounded make this an amazing port on the palate. The aftertaste is restrained and the finish slow to develop but eventually delivers a modest 50% cocoa chocolate and sour cherry combination that is extremely enjoyable. This is a beautiful and extremely impressive port and will certainly be one of the shippers I buy from this vintage. 93-95
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Re: 2009 Taylor

Post by g-man » 00:28 Mon 16 May 2011

This is an impressive port.

It's so refined, so perfectly balanced.

Nose of blueberries and that young violet and lavender port nose.

Loads of red and blackberries that fills out the palate the medium body but then the silky tannins sneak up and fleshes out the body giving this weight. It's got a slight dusty aftertaste that gets integrated with some more red fruit that lingers around all the right spots on the palate.


My favorite 09
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