1991 Morgan

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1991 Morgan Vintage Port

Post by AHB » 20:54 Tue 09 Oct 2007

Another bottle from the cellar clearance by Taylors. Opened about 1 hour ago, to keep me company while I balance my chequebook.

A deep, inky red. Opaque centre with just the start of some rosiness on the rim. A bit dusty on the nose, with fresh blueberries underneath the dust.

In the mouth this is sweet and balanced. The dustiness comes through on the first impact, followed by red licorice and only in the mid palate does any clear fruit come through, dominated by strawberry syrup.

The aftertaste is where this particular bottle excels. It starts off with a warm, vaguely fruity swell. This transforms into a pleasant cough-mix flavour and then to a very, very long espresso and black chocolate with morello cherry sensation. Scrummy aftertaste.

Scoring never seems to do this wine justice. It is weak on the nose and in the mouth and this puts it below the average of wines that I expect to drink this year. However, it is not a disgrace and I would expect it to improve with both time in the decanter or with time in the bottle. 3/4 or 85/100.
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Post by Conky » 08:49 Wed 10 Oct 2007


I agree with all of your comments. Particularly the aftertaste. I gave it a couple more points, but thats all down to individual opinion.
The one point you have to make over and over again with this Port, is value for money. From Memory I think I have been more towards 88 or 89pts. I just wish I could find other interesting, quality Ports, scoring these sorts of prices for the £10 mark.
Tom, I'd like another dozen of these, if your able, but could I be cheeky and get Christmas and the kids sorted out first. If I throw another casual Port purchase in at the moment, I think I may beat my Deaf and Dumb meals record!


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Post by uncle tom » 12:33 Thu 11 Oct 2007

Tom, I'd like another dozen of these
No probs - collect at the Xmas offline perhaps?

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