1963 Niepoort

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1963 Niepoort

Post by RonnieRoots » 09:01 Thu 21 Jun 2007

Tasted January 2006:
With a big thank you to StevieCage for sharing this bottle. :)

The bottle was in perfect shape with a better fill level than anyone could hope from a 43 year old wine. After a succesful decapitation (I'm sure Stevie will post some pictures of the port-tong-ritual) it was decanted at 6PM.

Very pale colour right out of the bottle. First taste after one hour decanting time. Already remarkably darker colour.
Very fresh and refined nose, with roses and other flowers, cranberry and coffee.

In the mouth, it starts syrupy, but that is soon accompanied by coffee, toffee, chocolate, spices and some leather. It keeps building interest. Thick mouthfeel. Long spicey finish with some light fruit.

Delicious port, seems to be peak drinking. It does evolve rather quick in the glass BTW.

The next taste was after 3 hours in the decanter.

Nose has become fuller and fruitier, also some cooked vegetables. Still fresh though. Darker on the palate, lovely sweet fruit has come out; berries, concentrated strawberries. Spicey finish. Great balance and length, superbly refined. Also holds better in the glass (although I must admit that we didn't swirl it as enthusiastic as before). 96 points.

We tasted the last bit after another two hours in the decanter, but that was pushing it a bit too far. Still lovely, but rapidly getting older with dominant leather and tobacco. This port was clearly best after three hours of decanting.

Stevie, thanks again for bringing this, I'm looking forward to the next episodes. The 1966, 1970, 1975 and 1977 are still to come!

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