1978 Quinta do Noval

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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1978 Quinta do Noval

Post by djewesbury »

After the BBR Port Walk, some people still felt thirsty. We arrived at the Bung Hole in time to eat some steak burgers and open some bottles that were wrapped in tinfoil.

Quinta do Noval 1978
Graham 1977
Cabral 1940 Colheita
Cockburn 20YO Tawny(bottled 1997)
Quinta do Crasto 1993 LBV

Oliveiras 1968 Bual Madeira

Château de Sales Pomerol 1970
Château La Tour de By 1999

The placemats
Planning and arrangements
Daniel J.
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Alex Bridgeman
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Re: 1978 Quinta do Noval

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Looking to be in early maturity with a nice rose rim. A touch smelly on the nose, some harshness to the fruit. Soft and sweet entry, full of fiery pepper and sweet strawberry jelly. Nice late palate, a very slight hint of VA giving a lovely floral overtone. A touch too sweet and lacking a bit of acidity for balance. A little peppery on the finish, long and lingering. Elegant and attractive, this is enjoyable drinking. Served blind this was guessed to be Cruz 1989. 88/100.
Top Ports in 2022: Quinta do Noval Nacional 1931. I have never drunk such a wonderful bottle of Port. I cried with joy.

2023: Fonseca 1966. There are not many better Ports, except a good bottle of Fonseca 1927. Wow!
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Re: 1978 Quinta do Noval

Post by jdaw1 »

N78 (“JDAW”). Red, 50% opaque. Palate: big red fruit, heat. Slightly unctuous. Bright, but too much heat. Nonetheless, very drinkable.
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