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1990 Graham Single Harvest Tawny (bottled 2021)

Posted: 18:58 Fri 23 Apr 2021
by jdaw1
1990 Graham colheita, from a 5cl supplied by Vintage Wine and Port (• planning, • placemats, • Symington presentation). Tasted eight days after the official event. TNs: 1994; 1990; 1982; 1974; 1963.

Perhaps a more complex wine than the ’94, but lighter, especially at the ending. Soft brown sugar, with a burnt rubber note in sight but just out of reach, flitting in and out of presence. Long and smooth, but I preferred the brightness of the ’94.

Re: 1990 Graham colheita

Posted: 20:46 Thu 13 May 2021
by jdaw1
Twenty days later: burnt nose apparent on palate. Very soft, that burnt note deliciously apparent in palate. Smooth fullness late. This is showing better than last time, and it showed well then.